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Mercredi 19/02 à 11h, la P3M accueillera le Dr Xavier Martinez (CNRS-LBT, Paris) en salle AR06. Il donnera un séminaire intitulé :

"UnityMol, or how to do molecular visualization in a game engine. "


UnityMol has recently been re-designed to overcome previous limitations and ensure sustainability and future code maintenance.
This re-work opened the way to new features and extensions including a python console driving all actions in UnityMol, a selection language, different molecular surface algorithms and more.
Working in a game engine offers a lot of builtin possibilities notably support for AR and VR devices and recently ray-tracing capabilities, at the cost of deep optimizations to display complex and voluminous scientific data in interactive times.
With different collaborations, our framework is now the building block of several research programs in protein-protein docking, molecular visualization and data analysis.

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